Loyal Friend Pet Sitting, LLC


Animal care includes:
- Fresh food and water in clean bowls/bottles
- Visually inspect pets for signs of distress, illness, or unusual behavior
- Yard, cage, or litter box cleaning - as needed
- Exercise, playtime and lots of love
- Clean-ups for accidents - as needed
- Administer medication - as needed

Household care includes: (can be requested without pet care)
- Retrieve mail, newspapers, trash cans
- Take trash to curb
- Alternate lights and blinds/drapes
- Water indoor plants

What makes us special: 
- Whenever possible, our visits last one hour at no extra cost
- Daily updates (with photos when possible)
- Vacuum / sweep, general cleaning of pet areas and areas used by pet sitter
- Visits are scheduled around your pet's routine, not a time window

Service area - Temple, Villa Rica, Dallas, Rockmart, Bremen, Buchanan.

Hours of service - 6:30am to 10:00pm

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