Loyal Friend Pet Sitting, LLC


All services are to be paid in full no later than the beginning of service.  New clients are required to pay for the full amount of services booked at initial consultation.

At least 24 hours notice is required for cancellations or the client will be billed in full.  In the event of early return home, no refunds or credits are given.

All reservations are confirmed by phone. If you have not received a confirmation phone call, please call to verify service.

Initial Consultation:
An initial consultation is required before care can start. This meeting is to familiarize us with your pets as well as allowing time to obtain detailed information about the care needed for your pet.


Two keys will be collected at initial consultation.  If two keys are not collected, a $5 fee will be charged per key to meet the two key requirement.  If client prefers we not retain keys, a $10 pick up / drop off fee will be charged.  If a locksmith is needed to enter the home, a $50 fee (plus reimbursement of locksmith services) will be charged.

Secured Areas:
The pet owner is responsible for securing areas of the home which the pet has access to - example, bedrooms, backyard fence, gates, etc.

A $20 fee (plus reimbursement of total purchased supplies) will be charged for any supplies needed to continue care for your pet - example, food, litter, etc.

Client Return:
Please notify us when you have returned home so we know your pets are cared for and no further visits are needed.

Aggressive behavior:
Loyal Friend Pet Sitting reserves the right to refuse service to any pet that has a history of biting or other aggressive behavior, or begins to display aggressive behavior during an appointment.  You will be notified if this occurs.

Emergency Veterinary care:
Clients accept responsibility for any charges related to emergency care.  If a pet's primary vet is not available, Loyal Friend Pet Sitting is authorized (by form) to use any alternative vet.

Inclement weather:
Every effort will be made to care for your pets during storms and other inclement weather, sometimes needing to alter schedules.  If it is not possible to safely visit your pet, you will be notified.

All pets should be up to date on all vaccines.  A copy of vaccination records is required at the time of initial consultation.
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